Question: Where can diffusion tubes for detecting nitrogen dioxide be found in different parts of the world?

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by warren | March 04, 2019 18:57 | #18466

Mapping For Change (in the UK) has some great documentation on community monitoring of nitrogen dioxide, and on Open Hour folks asked where these could be purchased in other parts of the world.

Let's compile some potential sources here!

3 Comments is in the US!

Louise Francis mentioned the lab they work with gets them from Gradko --

All the way in New Zealand we also use Gradko for all our passive tubes needs.

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I did a little browsing and so far tthe Ormantine link @warren shared is the only US supplier that comes up quickly (will keep looking), and I haven't found any indication of these tubes being DIY'd (yet), but am poking around still.

I did find a comment on a Q/A thread that suggested that something called an Ogawa badge may be more commonly available in the US, looking at the links below to see if I can learn a little more:

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