Question: Can we use a guitar tuning app to get numeric data from the Coqui water sensor?

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by warren | March 01, 2019 23:26 | #18445

The Coqui is great, and people have a great time building it. But many ask how we can measure quantitative values from it. This post has some ideas for analyzing the sound, but i was thinking more about this and have been trying to use a guitar tuning app... only semi-successfully! doesn't seem to work... i tried some apps too. The ideal would be to get a concrete measurement of frequency, but i wonder if the Coqui is often outside the range many apps would listen...? Or it's pretty quiet... I'd love it folks tried this out and reported back in!


From a great suggestion from @mimiss I dug up an EQ or equalizer visualization from

It needs labels but otherwise it's awesome because with guitar tuning apps, it tries to guess the loudest sound, then finds the frequency of that. With an EQ, you can see where the Coqui sound is happening, along with the other ambient noise, then read its frequency from the scale bar!

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I made a sketch of an equalizer -- you can also hover your mouse to see the frequency:

Let's see if it embeds:

Open in a new window here:

I tuned it with this frequency generator:

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Just noticed this jeff! Awesome!

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