Question: Browser notifications for answers to your questions?

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by warren | February 26, 2018 22:16 | #15821

A user interface question: many sites these days show notifications -- a little box that pops up in the corner of your screen, slightly different depending on what kind of computer you have -- or pops up an alert on your phone if that's your device.

They look like this on my computer (a chromebook):

image description

We could probably make it possible for people to subscribe to these to if someone answers a question they have posted, or replies to a comment they've made. Not everyone will want these, but some people might.

Does anyone like these, or feel like we should explore notifications on the Public Lab website for some limited purposes?


I like this idea very much and I wanted to use these feature instantly ;-)

But to make it really useful, it would be cool if every user can configure the notifications on their settings. Maybe someone want to have a notification every time a research note thats include specific tags and somebody want only a notification if someone is reply to the own question.

I think we're going to try -- however it may have to slot into the overall notifications system the #soc-2018 folks are working on! Thanks!!!

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