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Question:What are good ways to capture outputs and notes at events?

stevie asked on December 15, 2017 20:29
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We’re compiling resources to help people host Barnraisings!

There are a lot of really creative ways people can captured notes, photos, resources, questions, and even write event publications. Do you have activities to help people do this? Or best practices on documentation at events? Post an activity on how to do this or edit this wiki page here where we're compiling these resources and add in your ideas!

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2 Answers

My favorite form of on-the-go documentation are the small science zines, which we've used to document stuff at Parts and Crafts as well as (very occasionally) Public Lab.

Small Science Collective is great and would be an awesome venue for posting Public Lab projects. There are lots of online walk-throughs for how to make the basic 8.5x11 mini zine, here's a good overview.

Parsamparham about 1 month ago


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The Barnraiser is a 1-page mini newspaper we've run at recent Barnraisings --

I've been meaning to post more resources there on how to do a 1-page newspaper at different events -- it's a great collaborative project and a good way to generate documentation!

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