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Question: How can I find out what environmental monitoring methods are recognized by regulatory agencies?

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stevie asked on December 02, 2016 16:27
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What I want to do or know

I know there are many ways to go about environmental monitoring, but only some have been approved by various agencies for official data. How can I find out which methods are approved for what types of monitoring?


The to be or not to be of the hole question ;) Theres an actual debate around your question and some of the PublicLab people are writing some posts on the issue. You can follow the tag evidence-project. Here some links https://publiclab.org/tag/evidence-project

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The NELAC Institute has a lot of information on regulatory methods for environmental monitoring.


NECi's enzyme-based methods for nitrate analysis, for example, are accredited by the US EPA, USGS, & ASTM International: http://nitrate.com/nitrate-test-method-validations

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