Question: Is there an easy way (app?) to find my elevation above sea level?

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by stevie | with LESBreathe November 30, 2021 20:29 | #28317

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Our project came into being because of the potential destruction of the East River Park by NYC. We were concerned about the current air quality, as well as the air quality when the park is destroyed and construction begins. This proposed plan is supposed to turn the park into flood protection for the Lower East Side. There is a group fighting this design and one of the issues raised was whether or not one of the developments across the East River in Brooklyn are at the same elevation and were allowed to be constructed.

I tried to find the elevation of the park with this site ( but I'm not sure I trust the data because it said I was at Zero at the park when I was clearly above water.

Is there an app or some other easy way to detect our elevation? I'm also interested in connecting this information with the Purple Airs we have set up in the neighborhood on the Lower East Side.


I found a free app for Apple devices that uses the GPS in your phone to determine the altitude of the specific area. It's called "My Altitude." It seems to be pretty accurate and pulls input data from NOAA sensors.


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cool! thank you

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Another approach is to look at the elevation shown for the cursor location in Google Earth Pro, as in this example (it is small, hard to see in the preview, but 3' appears after the lat lon values, in the bottom left of the window. A Google search for "How accurate is the Google Earth Pro elevation data for New York City?" provides perspectives on the accuracy of the elevation data. However, typically better than the elevation via handheld gps on your phone. Google_Earth_Pro_Screen_Shot_w_pin_and_elev_copy.jpg

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