Question: What are air quality indicators you should watch for around a landfill that indicate you should take a grab sample?

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by stevie | August 24, 2021 19:34 | #27619

We've been learning a lot about air quality monitoring around a landfill!


We are relying on odor as the main indicator. VOCs are prevalent in landfill odors and have a sweet smell; hydrogen sulfide is also prevalent and has a rotten egg smell. If the odor is above 65% of what we normally experience during a typical odor event, we will pull a grab sample.

(We are using 5L Tedlar bags from SKC and the Public Lab Bucket Air Sampling kit).

"the stronger the odor, the better!"

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I'm sorry, but it's been a while. What's the current limit for VOCs and H2S? Thanks.

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