Question: Is there someone who can help pull and analyze Purple Air data?

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stevie asked on May 29, 2018 16:39
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Hi! There's a group in Mobile County Alabama who has been using the purple air monitors, but they haven't had the ability to go through the data to both pull it and look for trends. I'm looking for anyone is interested in helping them out- review it and look for trends or interesting points.

I noticed @guolivar had a nice post on these monitors a while back. I've also been hearing interest on them from another group in Wisconsin. It would be great to learn more about them!


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1 Answers

I wonder if this is something @sagarpreet's library could help with. Have they posted their data somewhere? I know they can share it via Weather Underground, and maybe @sagarpreet can have it appear as a layer alongside weather and other toxic release and report/alert data in his new library?

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