Question: Looking for people to help modify 3d printed pieces for the microscope.

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stevie asked on April 12, 2018 15:18
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Hello! Do you have a 3D printer? Are you interested in building design files or helping us print parts?

GREAT!! We need:

  • New print files for the microscope to make a universal Raspberry Pi Camera holder. Here are some notes on what we're looking for on Open Flexure's microscope page.
  • Once we have these two pieces fixed, we need help getting a bunch printed so we can get the first test microscopes out to people!

Comment below if you're interested in helping. Thanks!


I am also looking for the same inform me too if you found anyone thank you

@stevie and @samtechzonex

Are you still looking for help on this? I can modify stl files and 3d print them.

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Hi!! Thanks for offering. I'm not right now but @Bronwen do you all need these still.


Hi @briwilgre Thanks for offering! I don't think we've got an urgent need for more of this particular part as such-- we've been working with a different setup (you can see how it all goes together at our most recent Raspberry Pi Microscope Assembly activity)

That said, not everyone is building Raspberry Pi Microscopes with the same configuration as the kit we're currently selling-- I think there are lots of people who would be interested in seeing this particular adapter (and others) evolve: we'll probably be posting some images of a few new adapters we've been trying out. Are you working with any of the DIY microscopes, or are you mostly interested in 3D printing? If you're mostly interested in the 3D side of things, I think we do still have some cool challenges to dive into in terms of adapter next-steps for this and other projects, which I think we'll start sharing out in research notes soon.

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Hi @bronwen. Thanks for the info. I'm not currently working with any of the microscopes, but am interested in the 3D side of things. Would you be able to point me to where to find adapter next-steps, or where to get updates when they're posted? I've been looking through the community microscope wiki and am getting a feel for navigating through the topics.

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