Question: What are good resources for teaching middle school age children about water quality parameters?

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stevie asked on March 21, 2018 19:43
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I'm working with a group of students who are interested in learning about water quality and the health of their local water way. They've done some visual surveys and balloon mapping of the area, and are now interested in exploring water quality. What are good resources for them in this exploration?


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4 Answers

I think a fun way is using these Leaf Pack kits.

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You might like some of the work that North Brooklyn Boat Club has been doing in their Ed Shed. They also have a nice workbook designed for kids that might be a good model for developing other kinds of site-specific curriculum.

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I ended up going with the LaMotte/Earth Force low cost Water Monitoring kit (Code 3-5886). I was able to find it for about $38 on Amazon. The kit says it has all the materials to monitor coliform bacteria, dissolved oxygen, BOD, nitrate, pH, phosphate, temperature, and turbidity

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