Question: What information should be posted with images taken with a microscope?

stevie asked on January 17, 2018 20:43
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In our open call last week, we were talking about the microscope-basic project and how to capture images of particulate matter. We were wondering if a guide or template could be created for taking these images. I think we could do this if we identify what information would need to be stored with the slide images. Anyone have ideas on what should be included?


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2 Answers

Perhaps someone is familiar with the metadata captured by commercial microscopes?

Off the top of my head, i'd start brainstorming:

  • date
  • who captured the image
  • level of magnification
  • type of optics used
  • ...

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Maybe also: type of light source, image size/resolution, any relevant sample treatment/preparation/suspension.

This might not be exactly the rubric we're after, but there are some guidelines about slide image data/handling here , which have me (a non-expert for sure) thinking about what kinds of info we might want to keep track of.

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