Question: Voltage generation for conductivity sensor

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by roberts_ecofarm | October 24, 2018 03:11 | #17366

Did anyone ever get to this question?

  • wein bridge oscillator vs. 555 vs. square wave from microcontroller vs sine wave


Hi! Can you clarify the question?

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Stevie, I'm working on a project where we need to monitor changes in water quality. I posted about it here I'm getting ready to do some testing on conductivity sensors and was wondering if anyone else had done any work on this question which originally posted here

If you know of any projects that have explored DIY conductivity sensors and calibration I'd like to hear about it.

One of the problems with measuring EC is polarization of the solution which causes the reading to vary considerably. A way to prevent this is to use non-polorizing AC instead of DC as the impulse. I'm trying to find the simplest signal generation method that still allows accurate, stable data generation.

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