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by rjun86 | January 26, 2018 15:42 | #15617

hi i am newbie here i have

Canon PowerShot SD750 which i am trying to remove its infrared filter but this particular model have screws glued can someone advice me how can i remove these 3 particular screws so that i can remove sensor and replace IR blocking FILTER


First, mark the position of the three screws. When you remove them, count the number of rotations needed to unscrew them. So you will need marks on the screws and marks on the plate. Then you can return them to approximately the same tightness when you reassemble it. Don't mix up the three screws.

To remove the hard glue I usually break off pieces with a craft knife. Keep chipping away until it is all gone. Clean up the pieces before you lift the sensor plate.


thanks for ur answer sadly while trying to remove those 3 screws i shredded stripped those screws head if u want i can post its picture before that i have sucessfully modified logitech c110 and microsoft vx1000 webcam this is my first attempt to remove ir cut filter from point and shoot camera

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I have seen it on Youtube, A guy was doing it. I can't remind of the link. But you can definitely try Youtube buddy.

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