Question: How do we confirm the current version of the software?

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quencher asked on December 04, 2017 16:45
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The Spectral Workbench wiki implies that the current version is 2.0 beta, but is that correct? Is the current version 2.0 beta, not beta, or something else?

Thank you!

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1 Answers

Hi! We're on v2.1.x -- we haven't released a new version but the latest main branch here is what's running on

Thanks! Or are you wondering about the JavaScript library that's a sub-component:

quencher 6 months ago

Thank you, that's exactly what I need!

warren 6 months ago

Cool! what are you interested in doing with it? I'm the lead developer, very happy to work with you!

quencher 6 months ago

Hi Warren, we're testing the flow of multiple fluids using dye solutions. We're total amateurs. Any ideas or references you could point us at? Characterizing Fluid Flow for Dummies?

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