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Question:are real-time PM 2.5 push warnings from the PurpleAir possible?

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by purpleairfan | October 04, 2021 22:32 | #27829

hi there. i have been having mysterious PM 2.5 spikes on my Purple Air several times a day (usually from ~12 ug/m3 to 100 ug/m3!!). i recently figured out what is causing it: i live by a charcoal burger place that sends smoke throughout my neighborhood when they relight their grill at peak hours. it is what it is unfortunately, until these restaurants get properly regulated.

but i like to work in my yard, and id love to be able to just put on an N95 when a charcoal smoke event is happening. but i can't sit refreshing purple air all day either -- and the episodes tend to last about 20 minutes.

is there any software that would allow me to monitor raw PM 2.5 levels from the PurpleAir in real-time, and send a push notification when they exceed a certain threshold?

i feel like this type of dynamic background monitoring using the PurpleAir would be useful for other people too!


Hi @purpleairfan! You might find some ideas in this related question and its comment section: https://publiclab.org/questions/eustatic/01-20-2021/how-do-we-get-relevant-pm-data-to-residents-in-under-10-minutes

There's also a comment here from a community member who set up push notifications from Purple Air data: https://publiclab.org/notes/jiteovien/08-28-2018/download-analyze-your-purple-air-data#c26424

Hopefully something in there can help and fit with the time resolution you'd need!

these are very helpful, thanks so much!!

Glad you found these helpful, @purpleairfan! Were you able to try anything out or find a solution?

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Thanks @bhamster for the mention.

After two years push notifications still work for me. Received more than 8k of them saving countless time by non constantly checking the map.

Also @eustatic contacted a developer some time ago. They may have an improved version available by now.

Thanks so much for the update @wu_ming2, glad to hear the push notifications are still working well for you!

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