Question: How do you change a research note into a question?

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by pdhixenbaugh | October 12, 2016 01:57 | #13552

What I want to do or know

  • General: Can published research notes be converted to questions?
  • If so, how?

Background story

I accidentally created a research note when I meant to create a question. It has some nice comments -- so is there a way to change it to the "question" post type?


I think I might have answered my own question (and found a bug? calling @warren)

I made this post by clicking the "Ask a question" button, but it is showing up as a note. You can see the section headings are ones that the question submission form fills in.

Also it looks like you can make any note a question by adding a tag following the pattern "question:subject" where "subject" is a tag that already exists. So "question:riffle" for a question about the riffle. I changed my previous note to "question:website" and it's now showing up in the questions section of my profile.

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Changed this into a question by adding the tag "question:question"

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I can't seem to answer my own question even after following the tags "question" and "question:question". EDIT: the top of the page still reads "subscribe to answer questions on this topic", but I found that I could post an answer from the page

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You can change any research note into a question post by adding the tag question:subject, replacing "subject" with the tag the question relates to.

Then, anyone following that tag will be able to post an answer to the question.

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