Question: What public health gains have been made through pollution control?

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by paris_smith | April 27, 2021 19:50 | #26375

The technologies used to reduce toxic pollution also reduce sulfur dioxide and fine particle pollution, with additional benefits for public heath.


Please help my school with our studies in trying to find out how to change the problem of bad air quality.

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The EPA has a model for this, called BENMAP-CE, where you can calculate economic benefits of reducing different kinds of air pollution, like you mention. But it's complicated! I haven't been trained on it. I'm sure, if you search the research behind it, that there are studies that will discuss what you're looking for.

Co-Benefits Risk Assessment Screening Model (COBRA)- This as a screening tool that helps U.S. states and localities estimate the health and related economic benefits of changes in emissions of directly-emitted PM2.5 and PM2.5 precursors.

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Public health gains that have been made through pollution control is having good respiratory health.

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