Question: Which sensor is the best to use it during cycling?

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by niklasjordan | August 25, 2019 00:52 | #20657

Hello folks,
I am planning a small project and would like to measure what fine dust pollution I am exposed to when cycling. I am looking for a suitable sensor.

For various reasons, I would like to build on an Arduino. So far I have always worked with the SDS011 sensor. However, it is out of the question for this project because it has a response time of about 10 seconds. This is much too long for a moving sensor on a bicycle.

Do you have any idea about which sensor I could use?


Hi Niklas!

I've been developing a system, called Climobike, for air quality monitoring while riding a bike and had a lot of problem with the previous model of this sensor (PPD42NS-like) that uses LED. I suggest you to look for some paper using it, because I removed the PPD42NS from the prototypes since there are many limitations: influence of the movement and the light, low resistant to impacts, etc. Additionally, we have to synchronize the air quality sensors measurements delay in the bike with the speed. At the end, only temperature/humidity and CO sensors were used in the prototype of Climobike. I hope you are successful with your tests. This kind of project is very exciting and very challenging in many aspects though.

You can find few info of the project here: (I'm going to organize the documentation soon at Gilab). Also, there are some 3D models for the case that you can use, if want.

I found this paper about your sensor. Hope can help you:

And here is one about the previous version:

Thanks for letting us know about this work @sjacques , really appreciate it

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