Question: How can I start a project on environmental air quality around crop dusting areas

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by lubcarreon | July 08, 2019 17:30 | #20035

I live in a city with crops around and when they are doing crop dusting it smells really strong and I am concerned of the health effects it can have on kids and people in general.

Please help so we can see if they are applying pesticides that have harmful effects on human health


Are you in California, by any chance?

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No, I’m in south Texas :-(

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Hi! Public Lab recently put out a publication on Odor you can explores the articles here.

I'm not sure what people are usually spraying when they do this or if there are any regulations around this, so I've posted a couple other questions about it hopefully others can help with. You can find them all here. To get email updates when people post to those you can "like" the questions, or follow the related tags (crop-dusting, pesticides, agriculture, etc.)

Also, are you available to join one of the Tuesday Open Call? It can be a good place to brainstorm with others-

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Thank you!

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  1. The changes of photosynthesis and physiological indexes of plants can reflect the pollution of the atmospheric environment, such as the determination of plant photosynthesis to produce oxygen capacity and content of chlorophyll.
  2. Leaf is the main organ to absorb atmospheric pollutants. The determination of leaf content of pollutants can explain the contamination in the area . I guess this can be done with help of Public Lab's Spectroscopy Project.
  3. Measuring SO2, NO2 and Ozone with sensors in the crop area.

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I’m worried about pesticides, herbicides being cancerigenous or mutagenic and I have pets and young kids living in the area and they breath whatever is being sprayed...

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