Question: How do you apply a calibration from one spectra to another? I calibrated one image of a halogen spectra, and am unable to apply that calibration to subsequent spectra, when i try i am just told "No Results"

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by louisferreira12 | March 14, 2021 11:27 | #25917

I have calibrated one image of a spectrum from a halogen lamp, but when i attempt to apply this calibration to another upload, no option appears for me to apply that calibration to this new picture. When i click "copy calibration" i am told there are "no results"


select the spectrum to be calibrated in SW click on copy calibration, put in the number of the spectrum to copy. that should do it. Stef

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Can you link us to the calibrated spectrum you're referring to? You can calibrate both from the Capture interface and from the Analysis page (where a saved spectrum is displayed). Hope this helps!

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