Question: How can we build this wind turbine to power lights?

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by liz | with Mustapha October 24, 2019 18:14 | #21283

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How can we build a wind turbine to power lights? Our refugee camp in Lebanon which houses Palestinians, Lebanese, and Syrians has narrow streets which need lighting.

Here is a diagram of the kind of thing we are thinking of: image description

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Hi there - a bit late on the thread, hope this goes through to Mustapha.

My name is Elad Orian and I run an Israeli Palestinian organisation providing basic energy services to off-grid Palestinian communities ( We have more then a decade of experience building all kind of island systems with solar, wind and Gensets. I would love to help so if you are interested please reach out to

Cheers, elad.

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Hi! When I read your note I immediately thought about solar instead of wind. I think it could be more reliable and easier? Is there a reason you're more interested in wind?

Also, I just searched on instructables, and there are some models there:

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Sorry for being late. But I agree with the solar solution. I have personal experience building wind turbine. But we just have to assemble and install the turbin correctly. If not, the turbin won't give you power it is rated for.

In my case, the turbin was rated to 1000 watt but it turned out to give us only 200 watt max.

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Hi Mustapha, we've reached out to one person who does low-cost solar and wind in the middle east, and another who is an aerospace engineer. Hope we hear back! In the meantime, what do you think of this kind of DIY project? Is this kind of prototype you might want to try to build, if you could get the parts? Please advise!

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