Question: Who is developing smart-form?

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by liz | September 22, 2017 15:17 | #14937

Who is developing smart-form?


Hi @liz, The SmART-Form project is a collaboration between engineering faculty at Ohio State University and Syracuse University, a public health nursing consultant, Public Lab, and community partners in Waycross, Georgia. Details about the project can be found here:, and project updates will be presented here:

Thanks! from that note, i see that

Design of the application will be led by Karen Dannemiller (PI) and Rongjun Qin (Co-PI) at Ohio State University. Jianshun Zhang (Co-PI) of the Building Energy and Environmental Systems Laboratory (BEESL) at Syracuse University, will conduct the independent validation of the badge and analytical application. Jessica Castner (University at Buffalo) will incorporate an environmental health perspective into the design. Nick Shapiro (Co-PI) with Gretchen Gehrke is leading Public Lab’s co-development of these technologies, engaging both community scientists on a national level and with a sustained relationship with community scientists in Waycross, GA that will be supplied with free test kits and supported in conducting a case study.

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