Question: How do I dye kombucha leather?

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liz asked on January 19, 2018 20:37
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Why is kombucha leather mostly brown? I see that KombuchaArt generates so many gorgeous colors in theirs (see lead image)? The image below is from

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kombucha kombucha-leather



liz 4 months ago

I heard from Oliver Kellhammer that kombucha leather gets its rich brown color from the tannins in the tea that it grows in. The question about what kind of tea to use is being discussed here: i guess i would add to my question then is there any way to bleach out any tannins after it's thickened into a sheet -- either before or after drying?

michalby 15 days ago

I used sodium perchlorate (bleach) to clean schott funnel (filtration funnel) from tea tannins residue (in a plant biochemistry class). I'll try with my next scoby and report back!

liz 9 days ago

Wow very interesting. Interested to hear this report back!

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