Question: Looking for open data resources to track public permitting processes.

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by kgradow1 | November 06, 2017 19:15 | #15155

Many of the monitoring tools that people are working on through Public Lab are linked to large-scale industry or development projects, almost all of which go through a public permitting process. I'm interested in developing better ways for people to track and participate in advocacy around permit applications whether at the hyper-local level (knowing about and engaging with city ordinances) and at the state level (MEPA review for large-scale development projects).

What resources are out there that people have used?


Few national databases of public permitting processes appear to be available. Some limited data is available nationally, some by federal region, some by counties or by municipalities. The answer to the question posed is highly dependent upon the location in question and the type of permitting process, for which one is focusing. Examples follow: Gun permit data accessibility in all 50 states US EPA Region 5 Air & Radiation Division (Illinois, etc.) Clean Air Act Permits Database:

How to Successfully Harvest Value from Open Data Experts offer advice on how civic tech firms, entrepreneurs and nonprofits — who are are pushing state and local governments to open up more datasets based on national standards — can best use the data they seek.BY JASON SHUEH / MAY 22, 2015

Building Permits - Boston - online - Historical:

DOT’s Open Government Initiatives and Activities for 2016-2018


City of New Orleans Open Data Portal

City of Chicago Open Data Portal

City of San Diego Data & Analytics

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