Question: Open shop at the Barnraising: Useful? If so, what tools and materials?

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kgradow1 asked on October 11, 2017 02:36
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We did a version of this last year as childcare, but it might be good to just have a daily workshop that is a room full of tools and materials for prototyping. Some stuff would need to be sourced locally (we're not going to bring a stack of cardboard on a plane) but a lot of stuff can be crowd-sourced. Are people interested? If so, what should we bring?


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3 Answers

Hi Katie! I think this sounds great. Do you think we could use the classroom or a corner of it? It's the only space we have right now that we can really get messy in. Other sessions might need to happen there, but we can make sure that hands on activities get preference in that space! We'll also have use of the auditorium and a second room we can use for sessions. I want to bring copper rods for H2S exploration. Also, microscope activities sound really neat.

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I think this is a great idea! P&C is great at running this sort of thing too.

I was thinking maybe a cardboard microscope activity could be good, maybe, perhaps with the RPi already set up? Should we order some raspberry Pis and cameras to have around, and what other materials would be needed?

Also maybe some bottles and 1m sticks for the "data logger on a stick" idea of a rain-proof way to put a data logger outside?

That last one is a nice one to prototype.

Also @bronwen - what do you think about ordering some very small (8-inch) mylar balloons and we could test making them aerodynamic with a fan?

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Hi again, I'm going to put in an amazon order for materials on Tuesday. If you put a list together of materials you think you'd need but you don't want to schlep down, I can try to add them to this order. Microscope stuff, RPis, cardboard... I think you can put a cart together on amazon and send it to someone right? That would be awesome.

@kgradow1 mentioned:

  • HDMI monitor (find someone local who has one?)
  • duct tape, scissors, electrical tape, soldering irons
  • ask Dan B if he can bring his 3D printer?
  • raspberry pi setups + raspicam
  • extra M3 / M4 bolts + nuts (not sure what size)
  • cardboard / cardstock
  • tyvek if people want to make kites
  • packing tape
  • balsa wood + exacto knives

@kgradow1 - do you have amazon links for any of the above?

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