Question: Camera that would detect at 1064nm?

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by jpschaaf | January 17, 2018 02:13 | #15537

I never really knew much about spectrometers (and still don't) but I happened on a summary of an article about green laser pointers which mentioned that a number of green laser pointers emit dangerous amounts of infrared at double the frequency of the laser -- in my case, presumably at 1064 nm. I was curious if my laser pointer fell into that category, and am still trying to figure out a cost effective way to see if the laser is emitting in the near IR spectrum. I have no real reason for this project, other than to satisfy my curiosity.

I built the cell-phone mounted paper spectrometer (and was able to confirm that I have a 532 nm laser), but based on failed attempts to catch a spectrum of an infrared LED I'm pretty sure my phone's camera isn't sensitive at infrared wavelengths. Does anyone have suggestions on a camera that would be sensitive to ~1100nm, or perhaps an alternative suggestion on how to figure out if the laser pointer is emitting at that frequency?

Thanks in advance!


Si-based cameras (as the ones used in smartphones) have a very low sensitivity over 950nm and virtually none over 1000nm, so it is very unlikely. If you do want to test it, I'd recommend you get a photodiode or a photoresistor designed for that wavelength and use it.

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