Question: Most accurate spectrographs?

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by jneish | July 10, 2018 18:36 | #16680

I am working with a grassroots-style bioremediation research team and we are hoping to use this tool to get preliminary results of some of our experiments before sending samples to analytical labs. Are there certain compounds or classes of compounds that work best with the spectrometer? We are primarily looking at heavy metals, petroleum hydrocarbons and OC pesticides.


If you are trying a direct comparison ( apples to apples), see how the analytical lab is testing your samples. Probably, they will be using an advanced ( read expensive) method.

If there is a choice, see if you can find a base colorimetric or spectrometric method for your tests. The spectrometer works well with this variety of tests.

Having said that, spectrometers are built into many other instruments. Its just the cost of modifying the instrument.

Good luck

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