Question: Are algae blooms in Lake Pontchartrain preventable or will they continue to be a problem?

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by jmerrill | March 07, 2021 16:47 | #25855

Lake Pontchartrain is such a beautiful lake and would be nice to see beaches along the coast or areas where people can swim. It seems always to be plagued by algae blooms and other pollution. What local efforts are being made to keep our lake usable and beautiful?


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Also, Chris Brantley at the Corps of Engineers has a history of mitigating the algae blooms in the lake, by changing how the spillway is operated. in 1997, there was a collossal algae bloom, and the Corps has worked, somewhat, to prevent that from happening again. I think they must be doing something right, as the algae hasn't ever been that bad again, despite the record flood in 2019.

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