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Event: Mapping wetlands and algae blooms

by stevie 6 months ago | 1 | 492 | 0

Recently, Lake Pontchartrain suffered from a harmful algae bloom. This bloom was spotted along th...

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Mapping Cyanobacterial Blooms with NDVI

by dsittenfeld New Contributor about 5 years ago | 10 | 4,299 | 6

Hi all, I am the manager of the Forum program at the Museum of Science in Boston and a PhD stu...

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Measuring algal photosynthetic activity with Photosynq

by gbathree over 5 years ago | 2 | 3,017 | 0

So we've been makinng good progress on Photosynq, our little handheld photosynthesis measurement ...

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Water Quality Measurements with Optical Spectroscopy

by philippg over 5 years ago | 11 | 6,928 | 4

I'm a PhD student working on water remote sensing. In water remote sensing, or '[ocean color](ht...

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Chlorophyll imaging to track algal blooms

by warren over 7 years ago | 0 | 2,018 | 1

Another nice image from [the paper by C. Silva, T. A. DelValls and M.L. Martín-Díaz titled "Envir...

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