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by jevs | November 09, 2019 01:09 | #21429

I bought a basic webcam like the one shown in the kit. Took it apart. Pulled what I thought might be the IR glass off the sensor. I knew it was a risk, but I got the glass off the sensor, but must have broke it also.

Does the basic webcam like shown in the kit even have an IR filter you can remove?

Just from watching various videos and looking at web pages, I thought you need to remove an IR filter from these. I thought the glass actually stuck to the sensor might be it, but it does not seem you can remove that without breaking the sensor. I am also not sure if that is an IR filter or not?

If not, is there a cheap webcam that does have a filter you can remove?


Hi, the camera used in the plab spectrometer does indeed have an ir filter' I published a note quite some time ago on how I did it. please do a search for my notes under username @Stef also you might see other notes for potential improvements notes by @Stoft could give you some additional info good luck, Stef

I looked and it seems like you may be talking about the laptop camera module? This is the one I was messing with...




I am not sure where the IR filter is (if it is attached to the CCD, or integrated in the lens). I tried taking the glass off the front of the CCD, but that ruined it.

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The ir cut filter should be on the back of the lens barrel assembly you can check for it by looking at an angle and look for a greenish irradiance, which is the filter that has to be removed, look for my research note where I describe the process. once reassembelled, the cam needs to be refocussed using a convenient barcode also described in my note. sample spectra in SWB under Stef, good luck

Unfortunatly the lense in the removable piece was only one piece as far as I can tell. It did not have the separate piece like I see on many of the web pages. So, it was either built into the lens somehow, or attached to the CCD. Not sure which. I don't have a great picture here. I tried poking and prodding on the lens even to the point that it is no longer good. There was no sign of anything to be removed or separate from the main lens. At this point this camera is no good, but I would still be interested to know because I could buy another (they are the cheapest cameras), but I think there is no way to remove the IR filtering... Capture.JPG

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In your second image look at the ccd sensor identified as V2 ithas a reddish tint to it look for something like that on the back end of the lens assembly,scribe around that using a sharp tool, basically scratching the filter in a circular motion using the inside barrel as a guide think of the filter as being a part of a stack of elements with the filter as the last one in the stack which is being scribed with the tool. Have a close look in the photos in my note. This is the best I can describe in words at this stage of disassembly you are 90% home. have another look at my note it should be pretty clear.. dont forget to blow the dust residue off with air. Stef

Yeah. I understand what your saying and I had seen many cameras like this on the net where people removed the IR filter, but this one has nothing there. That is what I thought I would be doing when I started with this camera. That "mounded"/"curved" portion of the optic is the only thing your going to hit if your prodding around. There is nothing in front of it. It seems the IR filtering is somehow part of the optic or inner to the optic assembly, rather than an outer separate layer you can simply remove. Or, it is on the CCD possibly? I actually removed that outer glass from the CCD, but it took a chip with it on the edge and ruined it. I do not know if that was the IR filter or not, but the fragments did have some tint to them. I did find where someone mentioned the IR possibly being within the optic of some cameras, and I suspect that is the way this one is. There was mention that you have to buy a separate lens without the IR filtering to use those. If anyone has actually done anything with this exact style camera I would be curious to know what they found.
Comparing this to other cameras is not really working because this one does not appear to be the same. I have ordered another camera that I do expect to have the filter as you describe that I can remove. Unfortunately it has other unnecessary components like a microphone etc, but it is still cheap. At this point I have not had a working setup yet to know much. I am on my second attempt to get a camera to actually make one. I won't know much about them until I get a working one, or all the parts to get one together. I just wanted to start with a camera that I know has the IR filter removed.

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Can you further identify the camera? Is it used in any of the projects? Were can I purchase one? Im curious is there a data sheet available for iit? You best bet might be the raspberry Pi Noir which has no ir cut filter stef

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It "looks" just like the one at the top of this page within the blue legos.

That is why I figured it is the same one that you would get with the basic webcam kit and someone would have info on it. I paid $3 for it shipped from eBay, but the same camera is listed everywhere as the cheapest thing you can get. I have no specs on it.

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save some time and get the v3.0 kit from the store and research the notes from @Stoft and @Warren, one thing to keep in mind when using card stock is even when sealed properly, the ir light goes right thru, check my notes how I solved that problem Regards, stef

The only kit I see for sale is the Lego kit? I do not see them selling a v3.0 kit?

I plan to make my own case (Have CNC mill, laser cutter, Resin and FDM 3D printers)

I have already ordered a different webcam that others have taken apart and posted pictures. I expect it to have an IR filter on the back of the lens assembly as long as they have not changed it. I already discounted this camera that I started on this post, but I still wanted to know if it could be used, because it is cheaper if I want to make more of these and has less stuff you don't need (LED's, microphone, extra mic connector on the cable etc).

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No luck on this one either. Not sure what portion of this lens assembly is the IR portion, but there was not a single layer on the back like I was hoping. I removed the first piece (from the back) and that appears to be part of the optics for focusing. The webcam would not focus in good without it. I then tried to bust out the front part with a red tint, but that pretty much will only shatter then press everything out of it. There are like 5 layers to the lens. Not sure which one is IR. In the picture, the front piece of optic with the redish tint is what is shattered. The rest pushed out.

Not sure where to go from here. I was thinking maybe I can buy a lens for this camera that has no IR? But I hope the IR is not on the CCD'?

This basically looks about the same as the first webcam lens assembly.





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What is the best focal length No IR lens to get?

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