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by icarito | July 14, 2017 02:55 | #14651

What I want to do or know

Need to map trees deep in the rainforest. No connectivity at the location 5 hours upriver. Ideally output would be a data table.

Background story

The largest trees in the Amazon are called Shihuahuaco trees and they are in danger of illicit logging. This census will likely feed a tree adoption project in order to monitor and protect these giants.

What I've tried

I took a short look at OpenTreeMap but it looks overly complex for our needs. I'm thinking of writing one. Can you recommend a tool for the job? Thanks!


How is the GPS reception at the base of these trees? Is it good enough to get usable waypoints for each tree?

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Thanks! Our tests suggest it should work acceptably with a good device. Accuracy is not required, they are hard to miss, but time spent taking notes at each point should be kept minimum. Hoping an external GPS won't be required.

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Take a look at Open Data Kit: I haven't used it in a couple year but know it's still being supported.

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a long time ago, i did a small fruit tree mapping project in Detroit. we used at the time and it worked pretty well -- their new phone apps can even do offline data collection also.

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Hi Sebastian, i know OpenTreeMap is quite a big platform at this point, but considering how many activists have put work into it over the years i think perhaps it's worth another consideration by your team instead of starting over yet another tree mapping and adoption platform. True, it is designed for urban environments where people can walk around with smart phones and drop points on a map, but you can also bulk upload points that you collect via a GPS in the field, and then you'd have all the adoption and management features ready to go.

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Building of @cfastie's comment, you could use Open Street Map and the waypoint functions without the need for Wifi or Data connections. You just need to download the main map data.

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