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Question:Why can't I calibrate? Glitch?

hanswilms asked on July 27, 2017 01:29
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I'm trying to calibrate my minispec, but everytime I click to "Save" on my calibration, the save button just turns into the loading circle and never stops. Happens on both Chrome and Internet explorer. Is there a non-HTML version I can download or something?

spectrometer spectralworkbench red uvc save



warren 5 months ago

Can you link us to your calibration attempt? Sorry you're having trouble!

hanswilms 4 months ago

It's okay!

Is there anything else I can link? Like I said, it just starts trying to save my calibration and then never stops loading.

liz 4 months ago

Seems like this is working now?

hanswilms 4 months ago

Not for me. Everytime I click "save" after clicking "calibrate" it doesn't do anything other than make the "Save" button a little circle of dots.

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