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Question:Can I rapidly survey the Chalmette stink on my way to work?

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by eustatic | October 15, 2020 19:51 | #24755

Chalmette smells. It's frustrating.

In the interest of figuring out how to make life interesting when you have to smell the sulfur coming from the refineries, I tried to see if I could smell the odor along the two highways, in different locations.

Can I figure out which of the plants is having the issues? Valero (Murphy), PBF Chalmette (Exxon Chalmette Refinery) and Rain CII Carbon are the ones that I suspect.

From ChemPlants.com::

Rain CII Carbon Chalmette (Kaiser) Chalmette LA 700 Coke Plant Rd, Chalmette, LA 70043 29.9376901 -89.9782969

Chalmette Refining (ExxonMobil) Chalmette LA 520 W St Bernard Hwy, Chalmette, LA 70043 29.9253663 -89.960817

Valero (Murphy) Meraux LA 2500 E St Bernard Hwy, Meraux, LA 70075 29.932668,-89.9537378

On April 23rd, 2020, I was driving to the coast. I smelled sulphur on Judge Perez Dr, and pulled over. I recorded the time, 1145, and the intersection, Judge Perez and Plaza. I took a right turn, to see if I smelled the smell on Plaza, but I lost the odor. So I turned back on St Bernard Hwy, and headed west until I caught wind again, this time at Victor and St Bernard Hwy.

Presumably, this makes something of a line to the source. It seems like it's not Valero, anyway. image description

This only added 15 minutes to my drive. Google says that it could take as little as 8 minutes.

This isn't much, but I tried to make this interesting without taking a lot of time. two points is better than one!


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what's CADAC GAS?

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