Question: Sparkfun data logging troubleshooting?

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efuhrm asked on June 14, 2017 17:42
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I am looking for troubleshooting resources for the data logging platform Sparkfun. I have a Dylos 1100 air quality monitor connected to it using an "[open pipe kit]" from GitHub. The instrument works fine, but there is something wrong with the software that prevents the instrument from communicating with the web interface. I'm an exposure scientist by training and have little experience with writing or editing software. Any help or direction would be appreciated!

EDIT: this is the URL to the data log:

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warren 11 months ago

Hi! sorry I missed this -- are you using a Raspberry Pi to run OpenPipeKit? If so, are you sure it's well connected to the internet?

There could be a lot of things going on but we can maybe run through a checklist of possible issues to narrow it down.

efuhrm 11 months ago

Yes, I'm using RaspberryPi to run openpipekit, and my device is connected to the internet.

warren 11 months ago

Great, we have a few options. We could try to connect your Pi up for remote access instead of relaying back and forth, or you could send me your configuration files to look over and test on my own system. Or we could just go through a checklist of things one by one -- sorry, this can be a bit slow!

warren 11 months ago

For starters, i see some data; was it working at one point and then stopped? And if so, (apologies for a dumb question) what were the things that changed before/after, that could give us a clue?

warren 11 months ago

(sorry, i meant i see data on the link at Sparkfun)

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