Question: What would be the optimal time according to the atm pressure to take measurements

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by denissebn_06 | with sarasage July 12, 2021 21:02 | #27076

These are all gasses we are monitoring, we want to know more about their density and were in the air to monitor them? Need this info to calibrate the equipment and make sure to do the monitoring correctly. We want to know more about the characteristics of these gases, are they odorless, densities?

  • CH4 methane
  • SO2 sulfur dioxide
  • H2S Hydrogen sulfide
  • CO carbon monoxide
  • Ammonia
  • Isobutylene
  • O2 (oxygen)
  • VOCs of all types
  • NH3

This question came out of a conversation with the Fellowship Team located in Val Verde, California, USA. Interested in learning more about their air quality monitoring project and following their progress? Follow us here: VVAMP


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