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Question:What is kriging? How it works and how can we use it when measuring purple air?

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by denissebn_06 | June 18, 2021 19:30 | #26852

What is kriging? How it works and how can we use it when measuring purple air?

Kriging is a new term related to mapping statistics also known as Gausse Regression. I would like to learn more about it, understand It, and it relation to purple air.

This question came out of a conversation with the Fellowship Team located in Val Verde, California, USA. Interested in learning more about their air quality monitoring project and following their progress? Follow us here: VVAMP


Here's some introductory information that might be helpful: https://desktop.arcgis.com/en/arcmap/10.3/tools/3d-analyst-toolbox/how-kriging-works.htm

Exisiting documentation about Purple Air Monitors on Public Lab (which might be in need of an update): https://publiclab.org/wiki/purpleair

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@denissebn_06 - Kriging is a type of spatial interpolation that can estimate values for unknown locations based on known values/locations.

This is a good blog post on kriging from one of the previous Summer of Maps fellows at Azavea explaining it and different applications that can be used to perform the different types of kriging.

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