Question: Which Air Quality Monitroring devices you are using, do they make noise?

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by denissebn_06 | May 11, 2021 20:21 | #26558

This question came out of a conversation with the Fellowship Team located in Val Verde, California, USA. Interested in learning more about their air quality monitoring project and following their progress? Follow us here: VVAMP


@denissebn_06 This is a great question.

In my experience, all AQ monitors make noise. To operate, they have a fan and motor to move air through its sensors. Some, like the ones I use for outdoor air quality are quite noisy and have alarms and flashing lights for man-down alerts.

With regard to another question that was posted, I can do an air monitor review post and add a decibel rating for each of the monitors using an iPhone app.

Indoor AQ monitors are usually much quieter, but do emit a low-to-slight humming noise from their internal fans. Perhaps you/one could call the manufacturers before purchasing and ask for a decibel rating?

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