Question: How difficult is to figure out how to use Air Quality monitoring devices?

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by denissebn_06 | May 11, 2021 20:17 | #26557

How easy or difficult was it to figure out how to use each one of them? What is the cost individually and do they need any extra materials?

This question came out of a conversation with the Fellowship Team located in Val Verde, California, USA. Interested in learning more about their air quality monitoring project and following their progress? Follow us here: VVAMP


@denissebn_06 I think it would be useful to write a post about AQ monitors' cost and operation on the VVAMP Page. We have a variety of monitors in storage and can write a review post. VVAMP had a prolonged R&D phase and I would like to share that process. Perhaps that would be helpful to others who are researching pm and are looking to deploy AQ units?

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@sarasage Yes, totally agree with you. Let´s document all the questions we can come up with AQ monitors, then I will write a research note about them and with the experience you share.

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