Question: Is the ballon legal?

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by denissebn_06 | April 01, 2021 18:37 | #26117

I saw the Red Hat documentary

I know that for flying a drone you need a license and can only fly it in permitted areas.

Can you get in trouble using this method?


I can't tell you about the current regulations. Sorry. But the rule of thumb with tethered balloons was to put a weak link in the line at the balloon. That was along with the standard rule of not flying a balloon where the tether lines can fall in power lines. There are many stories of the lines for the balloons breaking off and tangling in power lines. Needless to say, the power companies were less than happy at the damage.

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Here is the detailed page on regulations:

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@denissebn_06 thanks so much for your question! It's definitely a good one. It probably all depends on where you are located in the world.

My colleague @bhamster shared this resouce with me that might also be of value to you!

It's a Question & Answer resource sheet from the Citizen Science Association (CSA) and the Harvard Law Clinic

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