Question: I heard that Public Lab is planning an event in Texas, but I do not find anything about it.

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by caguldi03 | February 12, 2018 16:34 | #15721

In North Texas we have a number of groups that are exploring air monitoring but are not connected to PublicLab. I heard that you are planning a barn raising in Texas. I'd love to know more and spread the word here, but I do not see anything like that on your site. But then I have difficulty navigating the site. Maybe I am missing it.


Hi caguldi03! Would you like to join an open call tomorrow? They happen every Tuesday at 2pm Central / 3pm ET. All topics welcome, you can see a few agenda items already, including this question that you posted. NOTES: VIDEO LINK:

Thank you for checking in on this! There's an aspiration to hold a three day event in Texas (Houston?) on the first weekend in November 1-4. These details are still flexible, and it would be great to try to advance planning on this.

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Yes. I saw that and am hoping I will be able to join the call.

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