Question: Off the shelf, DIY kits, sensors or apps for monitoring noise.

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by Bronwen | September 04, 2018 15:56 | #17057

We've been doing a little dive into tools that are available for monitoring noise, and am curious if anyone who has worked on noise-monitoring projects has experience, advice or recommendations? There seem to be a lot of tools designed for musicians, as well as some apps developed to monitor noise pollution, but would be interested to know if folks have used (or are aware of) noise monitoring tools in connection with other kinds of environmental data collection (such as monitoring industrial activity, etc).

A few intriguing arduino-compatible options include the [Gravity sensor from DFRobot] ( and a sound detector available through Sparkfun, which I imagine could be grouped with other sensors and dataloggers.

Are you using or creating a DIY solution? Are there items that you might like us to have available through the store? We're starting to assemble a list of things to investigate further here, and would be very interested in hearing more about how folks have approached (or are thinking about approaching) noise monitoring in the field.


Awesome. mind adding to the wiki as updates come in? there are some there now:

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