Question: Social Integration of Public Labs with FB

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by bansal_sidharth2996 | March 14, 2018 04:33 | #15945

I want to have community's opinion regarding Social integration with Facebook.
Users after logging into Facebook will then be able to
1) Send invites to other friends to join Public Labs. This will increase the number of users on Public Labs
2) Users will be notified on the facebook whenever there would be any comment on liked wiki pages, research notes.
3) Users will be able to write comments and share information through the facebook.
The login through the Facebook is under development.


I'm most excited about # 2 and # 3: I think engaging with community members (and allowing them to engage with us) through other platforms has a lot of potential. Excited to see how this would work!

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Nice idea @bansal_sidharth2996 !!! Keeping in view the growth of Facebook as one of the biggest social networking platforms, I think all the points will help our community to grow. For starters, you can start with 2nd and 3rd part due to their resemblance to existing twitter issues and features. It would be really great to have any of these features. Thanks !!!

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it is a good news thanks

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