Question: MobiusActionCam vs S100

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by ashwinvasudevan | October 12, 2016 03:35 | #13553

Hello, I looked everywhere to buy the S100, but could not find a seller who is ready to import it to India. Instead, I am looking forward to buy the mobius action cam from public labs itself. I will mounting the cam on my drone based on beaglebone - project).

Would you recommend me to go with mobius? I would be using the cam for NDVI analysis.


Hey, and welcome to public lab. That sounds like an awesome project! I'm not as involved in the spectrometry side of public lab, but I can take a shot at answering. It looks like the mobius works! Check out this page: and these research notes that have been done:

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Thank you @pdhixenbaugh Much appreciated.

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Hello @ashwinvasudevan, could you post a note about this open source drone add on? I'm curious to read more about it!

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@abdul You can take a look at the project here

Basically, Mirkix modified the linux port of the Ardupilot project to work on Beaglebone black with an extra cape. It is way cheaper than buying Navio or Erle Brain, which take ages to ship and are outdated fast. Check the github link and let me know if you have any questions, happy to answer :)

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