Question: Has anyone here ever used the Environmental Response Management Application (ERMA) for organizing around an environmental concern?

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by amocorro | November 18, 2020 20:31 | #25074

I'd love to hear how this database supported your community needs or fell short. Plus any best "how to use" tips you may have to share. I recently learned that NOAA adds Oil Spill data to this database for the Pacific Northwest Region, which is what sparked my curiosity.

About: The Environmental Response Management Application (ERMA) is an online mapping tool that integrates both static and real-time data, such as Environmental Sensitivity Index (ESI) maps, ship locations, weather, and ocean currents, in a centralized, easy-to-use format for environmental responders and decision makers.

ERMA is designed to:
  • Visualize information relevant to spill preparedness and planning.
  • Assist in coordinating emergency response efforts and situational awareness for human and natural disasters.
  • Support the Natural Resource Damage Assessment process.
  • Aid in ecological recovery and restoration efforts.


From this comment, looks like @eustatic has used ERMA for air?

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it's very useful for almost any application, given that you can upload your own kml files.

during COVID, as i don't have access to my GIS machine, it's essential.

It also has emergency response spill imagery

the static URL function is great

the print function is lousy, though.

this is my default planning screen

here's my default Taylor monitoring link

it even has the most useful bits of EJ Screen, since EJ Screen seems to have been designed to subvert use in regulatory process, i mostly just use our own homebrew EJ maps, or justice map.

Here's a report i made, referencing ERMA links::

Taylor sheen impacts and extent slides

Source: NOAA Emergency Management and Response Application for the Gulf of Mexico, NESDIS reports for May-June 2018 and May-June 2019 Downloadable at this link. (hyperlinks aren't working for me today, but the entire link is below.)

Maybe ERMA is too functional for the public lab site.

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oh, and they add new things all the time! like this ocean names layer. baller.

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what's cool is that the different NOAA regions each have a base ERMA site, but also custom displays per region. here's the Great Lakes ERMA:

@eustatic that is a really neat feature to note!

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