Question: Favorite camera for balloon/kite mapping?

by adam-griffith | August 27, 2019 17:09 | #20694

What are folks' favorite still cameras for balloon/kite mapping?


I personally love anything in the Canon S series (s90, s95, s100, s110, etc). I appreciate how with a half hour in front of a laptop, a little script can be added to the SD card which creates a new menu on the canon allowing you to set your desired timelapse functions. I will say that the lens on these models is vulnerable to crashing (ahhh the dreaded "lens error"), and with its custom battery shape, you can't just buy more AA batteries at the store when you are in the field as you can for other Canon models. In contract, the A495s are more durable, cheaper, and take regular AA batteries -- making these the "Public Lab office stock" camera.

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Thanks, Liz. I have used Canon cameras before and gotten the lens errors and have also used CHDK. I agree that the a490 Canon is simple, but I am bothered by only 10 MP. My favorite has been a 16 MP Panasonic Lumix (DMC-TS25 ~ $100) with the trusty rubber band mashing down the shutter.

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