Question: How can we get hashtags on research notes so they are found on Twitter?

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by zengirl2 | December 12, 2017 21:52 | #15357

If research notes auto-post, what is the best way to get them discovered? Should people embed hashtags in the title of the research note?


I like this idea. We're soon going to be tweaking the auto-tweet function. We use -- any suggestions? We currently use this recipe:

This Trigger fires every time a new item is added to the feed you specify. Feed URL: (for feed URL requirements, visit the help page) ## Post a tweet This Action will post a new tweet to your Twitter account. NOTE: Please adhere to Twitter’s Rules and Terms of Service. Tweet text {{EntryAuthor}} posted a research note: {{EntryUrl}} {{EntryTitle}} EntryAuthor just shared: EntryUrl EntryTitle

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So I think that means people would have to embed their hashtags in the title of their post like: Replication of Hydrogen Sulfide Detection #airquality #pollution. I'm going to try an experiment with my next post.

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