Question: How to share a study from Research Gate as Public Lab Research Note

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by zengirl2 | October 07, 2017 18:25 | #15007

A member of the community has brought a helpful paper to my attention. However, not sure if it is a copyright problem to post the abstract from the paper with a link to Research Gate. What is the best way to handle this?


That depends on where the article is published. Some publishers are stricter than others.

It's usually okay to post the abstract of the article and the citation.

I don't know whether those without a ResearchGate account can get to the article via a ResearchGate link.

Even though the entire article is posted at ResearchGate it is probably not being shared legally. ResearchGate does not have an arrangement with all publishers to host pdfs of those articles. In fact, two days ago ResearchGate was sued by five publishers for massive copyright infringement: ResearchGate probably can't win in court since they are using copyrighted material to drive people to their site where they sell ads.

Thanks, glad I asked.

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