Question: 600 year old cedar tree - Infragram

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Randall asked on March 14, 2018 17:59
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I have a bunch of photos of a 600 year old cedar tree using the blue Infragram filter. Looking for someone to help me figure out what the photos show. I can upload and share.

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warren 2 months ago

Please do upload at least one or two so we can get a look! Thanks, we're happy to help!

liz 2 months ago

wow 600 year old tree??? <3!!!

Randall 2 months ago

Here is a link to the original images and the sandbox...

Randall 2 months ago

Any chance anyone had a look at these?

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1 Answers

Near infrared light is the basis of vegetation indices like NDVI because healthy plant foliage reflects most NIR light and visible light is strongly absorbed. Near infrared light doesn't necessarily tell us anything about plant parts other than foliage.


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