Question:HELP! Cannot see any live video or take pictures.

by JorgeHM | March 25, 2021 18:10 | #26029

Hello guys! I just receive my new preassembled Infragram Pi Camera. I connected my laptop to the wifi network generated by the camera without any trouble, but I can not see any live video. The pi.local is continously refreshing trying to load images, but nothing happens.

I tried with different power supplies and diferent laptops and smartphones (Android), but I got the same problem.

Can you help me please?!image description


@jorgehm thanks for your question. It's always so frustrating when technology glitches occur. I've gone ahead and added some additional tags to your post (including android), hopefully this will get more community members to respond.

Also tagging my colleagues @purl @mimiss @warren in case they have more information

Thanks @amocorro I'm looking forward to use this camera.

Hi @JorgeHM the most common reason for this is the ribbon cable being inserted backwards (it's quite confusing, both ends could be reversed so 4 possible ways to connect it and only 1 is correct :-///) OR for the tiny ribbon connector between the lens and the camera circuit board to be mis-seated. Sometimes it's not 100% inserted or it's not flat. Try making sure it's firmly seated and try restarting?

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Hi @warren, thanks for your reply. I checked the ribbon cable and it's look OK, but I installed again anyways, following the intructions in the tutorial ( ). But when I connected the camera, the problem persist.

Any other idea of what's happening?

best regards, J.



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