Question: Is there a step by step to building the super pi Microscope kit

by Hightower77 | November 23, 2018 23:48 | #17742

I have received the kit and there is little or no information for me or my son to follow.


Hello! We've put a lot of instructions up at, but given that there are a number of variants of the kit, I agree that we could better highlight the build instructions for different parts. There is some guidance for Pi camera assembly in, but we should break that out and expand it into it's own post.

The stage assembly is also at with all the other documentation, and people have been posting their build photos and feedback there. Please do the same, and we'll get the separated-out Pi Camera assembly instructions up in the next day or two. Thank you!

We've taken photos of the Pi-specific assembly steps, and are almost ready with the fuller broken-out guide:

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Also, apologies for the slowness on responding - we were off for Thanksgiving holiday!

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